Spring MS Dosing Pump


Spring MS1’s multiple combinations of pump head and motor power allow the selection of the optimal combination most suited to the specific application. The MS1 Series achieves flow rates between 5.5 and 1200l/h with a pressure of up to 16 bar making it highly flexible.

MS1 pumps have a spring return mechanism in a single aluminium housing. Each model can be adjusted to between 0-100% of the total flow rate. This can be done manually or automatically by using the AKTUA actuator which operates with a 4-20 mA signal. In addition, Spring MS1 pumps can be supplied with a single or three-phase electric motor with IP55 protection.

The patented AVS (Assisted Vacuum System) helps overcome the typical functional limitations of the pumps with a spring return. The increase in performance is made possible thanks to a high number of strokes per minute without damaging the diaphragm’s lifespan. This means that Spring MS AVS can reach a flow rate of 1200 l/h, whilst keeping noise and mechanical stress levels at a reduced level.  Each model can be configured with two different stroke rates and can be supplied with a single or three-phase two-pole electric motor with IP55 protection. MS1 AVS operates at pressures from 2 – 4.5 bar and offers flow rates between 450 – 1200 l/h. Pump head materials available include SS316L, PVC, PP and PVDF.

MSV is a new range of diaphragm dosing pump, designed to ensure reliable and effective long-term transfer of fluids. MSV features motorized mechanisms with high performance, high efficiency motors that are mounted vertically in a PP casing. Reinforced by its double camshaft mechanical structure, the pump offers high levels of stability while remaining a low noise unit with exceptionally accurate flow rates. Adaptable to a wide range of uses, Spring MSV provides high dosing accuracy across a wide variety of liquids, sludge and chemicals. With flow rates between 10 and 120 l/hMSV can also be adjusted by regulating the stroke length.


  • Capacity: from 5.5 to 1200 L/h
  • Max pressure: 20 bar
  • Max dosage temperature – SS 316 pump head: 40° C – PP pump head: 40° C
  • Stroke rate: 58 • 78 • 116 strokes/minute
  • Diaphragm diameter:  from 108 to 165 mm
  • Motor: standard  0.37 Kw (IP 55)
  • Stroke length: 4 mm • 6 mm
  • Zero-leakage solution
  • Liquid end SS 316 or PP liquid end (standard).